I appreciate them.

Monday 25 April 2011

a few hours with old friends at black canyon.

hello guys!ececeh:PP

Before im having fun for only 4hours with my best best best friends,I have to picked up Syuhada,also known as Kakngah,and Haza,I called her miss Zaza.Tadaaa.introducing them(:

Then,I have to drive until Cheras to picked up one more takbetul friend,she is Amira,known as miwa,you can called her missy eliot if you like,.or or or Beyonce.lalalal:DDD
We're waiting for her,like demmm!"bapak lama kau siap!Dah hujan kot"hahah:DDD

so we  decided to take some picture while waiting for the Diva.haha:PP

After waiting for her about,half an hour.hahha.no no.just 15minute maybe:P  Finally,she's come with her common words "rindu korang.muahmuah,terharu korang datang sini'" (:

At first,Miwa suggested,and craving to eat Nandos,instead of that ,,we choose black canyon restaurant

okay.now let me introduce you what we have ordered.
First,the drink.

Iced green tea with milk for me.mine is so delicious cause i love mint!

Tropical juice for Zaza

Watermelon juice for kak ngah

iced coffe for miwa
Now,the food.For western lover,like me,this is the correct places for you to go. (:
smooth,creamy chicken soup for each steak,its for the day only.yummm.so delicate!

Spagethi chicken with ham sauce,Demm!this is so delicious.i want more more and more!but this is for kakngah.(:

Fish steak,the sauce was really awesome and tangy,I like the sauce with my chicken and fries.

two plates of chicken steak serve with an onion black sauce,bread,tomato,fries.This is for me and miwa.

Rate:8/10 ((:
We pay RM92.50 for all of this delicios food.Its for four person,so i think its really worth.
Black canyon serve western food and also malaysian food.I love western jugak!tak kira.theee:PPPP

After having our dinner and we was like "aku kenyang sangat lah.takleh nak bangun"so the solution is:

Okay enough for gambar gila and tak sopan.tadaaa..the sopan one

Okay I dont know how to end this entry so I uploaded this picture

P/s:I miss My old friends.geng time sekolah,chemello.now,semua susah nak jumpa):

okay toodles.


izyansyazwani said...

amboi, sedapnya makannnn..hehe

dya mohamad said...

mestila sedap kakyan.murah je.nnt kalo kakyan mls nak masak,dtgla tmpt ni eh.hehe:PP